Portable Storage Units

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Portable storage units are useful for both businesses (real estate, construction, retail, and more) and homeowners for storage and moving. There are options for on-site or off-site storage and help in moving across town – or even across country. What can be stored? Here is a sampling:

  • school supplies
  • retail inventory
  • construction tools
  • athletic gear and playground equipment
  • hotel furniture
  • emergency preparedness materials

A wide variety of companies and products are eager to help you take the hassle out of storage and moving. For individuals or businesses ready to move, items are placed within a container and ready to go on your signal. You can store the container on- or off-site while you prepare for the move.

Portable Unit Options

Customers can store extra products on-site or at a supplier’s off-site facility and optionally have their stored items moved locally, nationally, and even internationally in certain cases. The company delivers the storage unit, you pack up your things, and they help you move when you’re ready. It’s that simple!
What can you expect with a new portable storage unit?

  • delivery, pick-up, and moving at your convenience
  • standard widths of 8′
  • heights around 8′
  • lengths typically ranging from 5′ to 45′ (many companies offer popular lengths of 12′ or 16′)
  • weather-resistant units that offer maximum security


Sizes and Costs

Size and storage type vary widely depending on a number of factors, such as the move distance, quantity of items to be stored or transported, manufacturer type, personal preferences, and customization. Costs are reasonable but depend on location and you or your company’s storage/moving requirements.
Renters and buyers can customize in several areas:

  • size (a range of dimensions, depending on the vendor)
  • color
  • security
  • shelves
  • doors


How To Get A Quote

To get a customized location-specific price quote, check out some of the top companies in the nation.
You may be asked for

  • personal and contact information
  • location
  • delivery date
  • products you may be interested in
  • your specific industry
  • type of use (storage, moving, or both)
  • length of use (months/years)
  • local or long distance moving
  • lease or buy