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Tampa weather includes hot, thunderstorm-filled summers and mild to cold winters. Highs during summer tend to hover near 90 degrees, with lows dropping to 70 degrees. Expect high humidity, regular thunderstorms, and lightning during these months.
For winter, Tampa residents should see temperatures in a general range of 50s to 70s. hard freeze concerns every once in a while; snowfall is very rare, though, with the last measurable snowfall happening on January 19, 1977. Tropical storm threats and severe thunderstorms can wreak havoc in the general area, with high winds, rain, and lightning.

Mobile Office Solutions for Tampa

Mobile space solutions, such as mobile offices, storage containers, classroom trailers, and modular buildings, need to take the weather into account.
Many companies offer weather-resistant facilities, along with customization features like awnings (for rain and hail), canopies (for sun and rain protection), tie-downs (for winds and storms), or skirting (to protect the underside of facilities from bad weather). Add insurance, extended warranties, and repair/refurbishment options to reduce your exposure to weather as well as theft and break-ins.

Building License and Permit Information

Local building queries are covered by the City of Tampa, a one-stop shop for permit and inspection information for both commercial and residential construction.

Nearby Counties and Cities

Here are some nearby counties and cities:

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