Retail and Hospitality

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In the retail and hospitality industries, there are many things to think about during construction and renovation.

  • During new construction or renovation of facilities, will I need swing space (temporary working space) to keep my business running smoothly?
  • Will I need to store – either on-site or at secure off-site facilities – excess furniture, equipment, inventory, and similar items?
  • Am I setting up or adding kiosks, temporary shops, offices, fitness centers, guard houses, restrooms, or marketing suites?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, here are some solutions for your retail and hospitality needs.

Mobile Offices

For those looking to set up a space quickly during construction or renovation for training facilities, sales centers, or business/retail space, mobile offices can work wonders. If you’re looking for extra office space or storage, mobile office trailers come in a range of lengths and widths and provide on-site temporary office and storage space for businesses. They’re available for rent, sale, or finance. There are short-term and long-term lease options, as well as purchase opportunities.
The sky’s the limit when it comes to choices. Options include

  • high-security offices
  • storage combinations
  • standard options
  • premium offices

Additional options include enhanced security measures and built-in furniture, steps, ramps, and other premium features.

Modular Buildings

Need space for a fitness center, cafĂ©, office, or temporary shop? Modular buildings – constructed in an indoor manufacturing plant in sections (modules) and then transported to the site for installation – can be a time-saving solution for space and storage needs. Modular building features sustainable building practices, enhanced quality, and lower overall costs for leasers/buyers. They work for a vast array of institutions and companies, such as education, healthcare, government, and retail.
There are temporary or permanent modular buildings options for leasers or buyers.

  • Temporary buildings – consisting of mostly wood-based materials – are meant for short-term needs and can be relocated after usage is finished. These facilities can be constructed quickly and offer businesses the option of keeping to a set schedule while still operating at peak capacity.
  • Permanent buildings – constructed from steel, concrete, and wood – can last for several decades and are usually set in their foundations (although they can be moved, albeit with greater difficulty than temporary buildings).

Temporary and permanent modular buildings offer quick construction turnaround, lower costs compared to standard construction, flexible financing options, top-tier building materials, and other benefits. Users can lease or buy temporary units; permanent buildings are mostly purchased, but there are lease options, too. There is endless customization available, and its green construction helps to support the environment.

Storage Containers

By their nature, storage containers may be used on-site or off-site at a provider’s secure location, and can also be used as mobile storage containers (for relocation and moving for home, business, or construction).
What can be stored? How about

  • retail inventory
  • construction tools
  • equipment
  • hotel furniture
  • emergency preparedness materials
  • anything else you need to keep around

For businesses looking to move, your items will be placed within the container, ready to be shipped when you choose. You can store the container on- or off-site, while you prepare for your move.