Customizing Your Mobile Office: Typical Add-Ons & Amenities

Space solutions such as mobile offices, modular buildings, storage containers, and classroom trailers can provide extra space and storage when it’s needed the most. Whether you want to rent or buy facilities, add-ons and amenities can enhance security, business productivity, and comfort.
From the basics, like steps and ramps, to high tech, skirting to security measures, the amount of customization available is amazing. If you need furniture, protection from the elements, insurance or extended warranties for peace of mind, the vendors have you covered.
We’ll give an overview of some of the top features available. Read on to learn about all the amenities available to you in your quest for the perfect mobile solutions.

An Overview of Available Add-Ons

To make the most of their new facilities – whether storage containers, mobile offices (used during renovation or construction), modular classrooms, or other facilities – many options are available to you.
Amenities include

  • steps/ramps
  • technology add-ons
  • furniture/appliances
  • handicap bathrooms
  • shelves

Ramps, skid-resistant steps, guardrails/handrails, and other features can help keep your employees and customers safe and allow for easy access to the premises.
You can arrange to have furniture and appliances already in place when you arrive. With chairs, desks, tables, microwaves, refrigerators, coffee makers, and the like available, and you can simply walk in and get started on the tasks at hand.
From technology hook ups to specialized bathrooms, there are a lot of options when it comes to the amenities you can add to your facility.

Additional Features for Weather, Theft, and the Unexpected

Further features include

  • skirting
  • canopies
  • awnings
  • tie downs
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
  • loss limitation/insurance options
  • extended warranties

Loss limitation and insurance programs can protect you against almost anything that comes your way: natural disasters, theft, or other emergencies. Extended warranties may be available, and refurbishment/repair services can also be a great way to keep your facility in good working order. You may also be able to get help with welding, painting, or HVAC repair.
Skirting aims to add a touch of style to your facility while protecting the underside against bad weather, animals, and insects. It even prevents air and heat from escaping when you need HVAC to beat the local elements.
In areas where rain, thunderstorms, and other devastating weather patterns can wreak havoc on structures, canopies, awnings, tie downs, and awnings can protect you and your company against the elements. Tie downs can be especially helpful during high winds or severe storms. Midwest and east-coast lessees and buyers, especially, should look into facilities which can take the worst that their weather can throw at them.

A Wide Range of Options for Those in the Know

The features we’ve listed here – ramps, steps, shelving, furniture, appliances, skirting, canopies, awnings, enhanced security features, tie downs, technology solutions, insurance options, partitions, extended warranties, and repair/refurbishment options – are just a sample of the add-ons you can draw on while designing your mobile space.
If you need extra storage or office space, why not spruce things up a bit? In the long or short run, you can optimize comfort and productivity while also enhancing your security and safety.

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