Mechanic and Repair Shop

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When you need extra space or storage for your repair facilities, effective solutions include storage containers, modular buildings, and mobile offices.
Here is a quick overview of solutions for mechanic shops, big and small.

Storage Containers

No matter what industry you’re in, at some point you’re going to need added storage – whether during construction, renovation, or build-ups of material or product inventories. In these situations, storage containers can provide the on-site, off-site, and even relocation solutions you need.
What can you expect?

  • fast delivery
  • weather resistance
  • a wide variety of sizes
  • security features to protect your most important materials, tools, and equipment
  • accessibility and ease of access

As mentioned above, siting options include on-site storage, storage at a provider site, or mobile storage containers which can help during relocation or moving. You can often customize or find office space and storage combinations. You can choose between renting short- or long-term and purchasing.

Modular Buildings

Modular buildings can help repair shops expanding their current operations or adding new standalone structures for more space. Modular construction be done simultaneously on-site and in-plant – with foundation and utility work starting on-site, while the building itself is being put together in sections or modules in an indoor plant.
This results in sustainable (green) building practices, rapid delivery speed, high quality products, lower overall costs for renters or buyers, and a reduced site disturbance. Weather has little effect on most of the construction, and you experience less noise, traffic, construction crews, and mess at your site.
Customization at all levels allows for you to choose size, shape, and other attributes. You can choose between temporary and permanent modular buildings. Temporary buildings consist mainly of wood-based materials and are designed for shorter-term applications such as

  • critical facilities (which need to be up and running rapidly)
  • remedying a shortage of office or work space
  • swing space during construction or renovation of property

Temporary buildings can be relocated or removed when no longer needed. Permanent buildings, made of steel and concrete (plus wood), are made to last longer and are a flexible and adaptable option for companies looking to customize, reconfigure, and re-use buildings over a longer time period. Temporary units can be rented, leased, or bought. Permanent buildings tend to be purchased, but there are lease options, too.

Mobile Offices

Mobile office trailers come in many different sizes and provide on-site temporary office and storage space. As with many of the previously mentioned products, customization features include

  • stairs
  • storage
  • furniture
  • partitions
  • ramps
  • skirting
  • security add-ons
  • technology add-ons

Again, you can rent – with short-term and long-term rent/lease options – or buy outright, depending on your needs – how much you’d like to pay, duration of use, etc.