Religious Organization

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With religious organizations seeing rapid increases in membership, new or additional facilities can become a necessity. Fortunately, there are many space options for faith-based organizations looking to expand. And it’s not just for worship: office space, day care centers, and classrooms are fast becoming vital additions to support a larger base.
There are many reasons for wanting to add active space or storage to your current facilities. You may want to open your doors quickly and need a fast space solution; you may be renovating and need a temporary location for meetings; or, you may simply have a growing congregation.
Here are some possibilities to help you solve your needs for increased storage and space.

Modular Buildings

Modular building are one option for adding space to a religious facility. You may also be looking to add additional buildings such as an administrative building, assembly hall, day care center, etc. Modular buildings are built indoors in a manufacturing plant as separate sections (modules). They are then transported to your site and installed on your foundation. The process features sustainable building practices, enhanced speed and quality, and lower overall costs for you. Modular buildings come in both temporary and permanent form.
Temporary modular buildings are made mainly of wood-based materials; they are intended for short-term needs – a few months to a few years (although they can last longer) – and can be relocated or removed after usage is complete.
Permanent buildings, on the other hand, are made mainly of steel, concrete, and wood, and are meant to last for multiple decades.
Permanent buildings are designed to be set into foundations, although they can be moved just like their temporary counterparts (just with more effort). Users normally lease or buy temporary units; permanent buildings are usually purchased, but there are also lease options.

Mobile Offices/Modular Offices

If you need more space for workers and leaders in your organization, mobile or modular offices can do the trick. They can help create more space for administrative or office work. You can also customize size, shape, and other factors to fit your location and space requirements, as well as budgetary constraints.

Modular/Portable Classrooms

Organizations offering religious classes for their members may find that extra space comes in handy when member numbers increase. If facing this situation, mobile/portable classrooms can provide extra space, low costs, flexible options, and faster construction and delivery. As with most other items discussed, customization is readily available.

Storage Containers

If you’re looking for storage space for furniture, equipment, or church construction projects, storage containers offer the potential for

  • quick delivery
  • on-site storage
  • potential off-site storage at a provider’s site
  • relocation assistance
  • enhanced security features
  • multiple different sizes
  • specialty containers