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Manufacturing companies need to keep their operations moving, no matter what. What happens when you have a rapid influx of new workers or have new construction starting which may stretch company resources? What about new modifications that may displace workers or equipment? How about emergencies – such as mold, fire, flood, asbestos, and others – which could derail your profits and productivity?
How can you keep your business running smoothly despite these disruptions? The answer may be modular buildings, mobile offices, or storage containers. There are also options for specialty offices including, but not limited to

  • in-plant offices
  • restrooms and shower facilities
  • guard booths

Read on to learn more about the possibilities.

Modular Buildings

For those in need of building space for administration, architects, engineers, or other employees – as well as break rooms or swing space (used during construction) – modular buildings can be constructed quickly, efficiently, and for lower cost than regular construction.
How does this work? Modular buildings are made in sections (modules) in an indoor manufacturing plant and then transported to your work site for assembly. It’s a time-saving solution which features sustainable building practices and enhanced speed and quality. Modular buildings work well for many institutions and companies in manufacturing, education, health care, government, and retail.
Whether you choose temporary or permanent modular buildings depends on what you needthem for.

  • Temporary buildings (made usually with wood-based materials) are normally used for short-term applications and can be relocated or removed when no longer needed. These facilities can be built and delivered quickly, helping manufacturing companies stay on schedule while operating at peak capacity with no production slowdown.
  • On the other hand, permanent buildings (constructed from steel, concrete, and wood) last for decades.

Both temporary and permanent modular buildings offer quick construction turnaround, lower costs as already mentioned, flexible financing options for leasers or buyers, high-quality building materials, and more. Interested parties can lease or buy temporary units while permanent buildings are usually purchased (but there are lease options, too). Along with a green construction process, customization helps customers create facilities that fit their needs and harmonize with their surroundings.

Mobile Office Space

Temporary engineering or personal offices can be accommodated with mobile office space for lease or sale, and allow for customized office spaces. Short-term and long-term lease opportunities are available, in addition to sale options. Whether you need maintenance facilities or temporary space for new workers, mobile offices come in a variety of forms, such as

  • standard options
  • premium offices
  • high security offices
  • storage/office combinations

Enhanced security measures, built-in furniture, steps, ramps, and other amenities add to the final product.

Storage Containers

Storage containers will allow you to use portable containers to store items such as

  • equipment or raw materials
  • inventory
  • tools
  • furniture

Whether on-site, off-site at a provider’s secure lock-up, or moved from one facility to another, portable storage containers can save space and money for manufacturing companies with tight schedules.