Warehouse and Storage

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Whether you’re in manufacturing, retail, import, export, or just about any other type of business, warehouse storage facilities can be essential for protecting and safeguarding products before and after shipment and delivery. They range from self-storage facilities for individuals to large commercial storage installations for big businesses.
When you’re in the middle of construction or renovation, or just need additional space, you may find one or more of these products helpful:

  • modular buildings
  • mobile offices
  • storage containers


Modular Buildings

Modular construction can produce surprisingly sophisticated buildings, the only limitation being an architect’s or engineer’s imagination. They can range from single-story facilities to multistory complexes. It all comes down to what you need.
Modular building construction splits the work into two streams. Sections (or modules) are put together at an indoor plant, while the foundation, utility work, and so on are done on-site. When it’s ready, your new custom-created building is transported to your site for installation.
You benefit from

  • sustainable building practices
  • faster delivery speed, compared to standard construction practices
  • high-quality materials
  • no weather concerns during building
  • less noise, traffic, construction crews, and mess at your site
  • lower costs

You can choose between temporary and permanent modular buildings, depending on what your warehouse or storage facility needs. Here are a few quick facts about each variation.
Both offer flexibility and configurability options. Temporary buildings – constructed mostly from wood-based materials – are designed for shorter-term applications, such as critical facilities that need to be up and running quickly, or swing space during construction or renovation. They can be relocated quickly or removed from the site when no longer needed, and may be rented, leased, or bought.
Permanent buildings, built with steel and concrete (plus wood), can last for decades. They are flexible and adaptable, with many customization features, and can be reconfigured and re-used over time. Permanent buildings are normally purchased outright, but there are lease options as well.

Mobile Offices

Mobile office trailers can fill the bill when extra office or storage space is needed. They come in many different sizes and with varying degrees of customization. Again, you can opt to rent or lease – short- or long-term – or to buy.
Customization features may include

  • stairs
  • furniture
  • ramps
  • skirting
  • security add-ons
  • technology add-ons


Storage Containers

When you need additional space quickly, for instance during an emergency, storage containers can provide additional on- or off-site storage options. With fast delivery, a wide variety of sizes to choose from, weather-resistant containers, security features (to protect your important materials, tools, and equipment), and ease of access, storage containers can provide a quick and reliable solution when you have items to protect or to keep on hand.