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Sacramento is the sixth largest city in California; it has a diverse population and generally mild weather. Summers can be hot, but winters are normally mild, with increased rainfall. Fog can be problematic in December and January; snowfall is quite rare in the city; summer temperatures rise above 90 degrees, around 73 days out of the year.
While Sacramento offers lots of sun, it suffers from flooding, as well. In fact, it’s the second most flood-prone area, lagging behind only New Orleans, according to Time Magazine in 2011.

Mobile Office Solutions for Sacramento

Sacramento space and storage solutions may include

  • mobile offices
  • storage containers
  • modular buildings (temporary or permanent)
  • classroom trailers

Weather-resistant containers or facilities with heating and air options can be a good place to start, mainly to protect against the hot summers. Since flooding or other natural disasters, as well as theft, can occur, insurance coverage is a must to reduce your risk. Features also include extended warranties or refurbishment plans/repairs.
You may also add customized features like

  • awnings
  • tie downs
  • canopies
  • skirting


Building License and Permit Information

Construction calls for a permit, which you can obtain, along with building inspections, from the City of Sacramento. The website provides information on

  • permits
  • inspections
  • fees
  • city codes
  • resources
  • contact information


Nearby Counties and Cities

Here are some nearby counties and cities:

  • Placer County, with Auburn
  • San Joaquin County, with Stockton
  • Alameda County, with Oakland
  • Napa County, with Napa