Highway and Infrastructure

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If you need extra office space, new buildings, or more storage for tools and equipment, you have many transportation and infrastructure options. Mobile offices, modular buildings, storage containers, and specialty offices can solve some of your most pressing problems. Here is a quick overview of the transportation and infrastructure solutions available.

Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are constructed in sections in an indoor environment in a manufacturing plant and then transported to your site. This unique building process features sustainable building practices, rapid delivery, high-quality products, and lower overall costs for renters or buyers.
These buildings can provide transportation and infrastructure projects with extra space like

  • project supervisor and foreman offices
  • administrative offices
  • conference areas for management and team meetings

They also work as inspection stations, terminals, weigh stations, and train stations. Depending upon your needs, you can choose between temporary and permanent modular buildings. Temporary buildings, constructed of wood-based materials as well as metal and concrete, are designed for short-term needs in cases like

  • critical facilities that have to be up and running quickly
  • facilities to remedy a shortage of office or work space
  • swing space during construction or renovation of company property

Temporary buildings are usually intended for use for a few months to a few years and can be removed after the job is done.
Permanent buildings, made of steel and concrete, along with wood, can last for decades and are a flexible and adaptable option for companies seeking to customize, configure, and re-use buildings over a long period of time. Temporary units can be rented, leased, or bought, while permanent buildings tend to be purchased (but there are lease options, too).

Mobile Offices

When space is needed to discuss blueprints or conduct meetings, mobile offices fill the bill. They can serve as temporary office and storage space for workers: engineers, owners, and contractors. Mobile office trailers come in many different sizes. Add-on features such as stairs, ramps, storage, or security add-ons are also available.
You can opt to rent, with short- or long-term rent/lease terms, or to buy, depending on your needs, how much you’d like to pay, how long the project will run, etc.

Specialty Modular Offices

Specialty offices can also function as

  • restrooms
  • maintenance facilities
  • security buildings
  • toll booths
  • sub-station offices


Storage Containers

It’s important to have both secure and accessible storage space for raw materials, tools, and project equipment. You have options for on-site storage, storage at a provider site, or for mobile storage containers for relocation or moving.