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In Atlanta, hot and humid summers are the norm, with average July temperatures of 90 degrees; temperatures over 90 degrees occur more than 40 days a year. For winters, expect cool to cold days with an average January temperature of approximately 43 degrees.
Rain is spread relatively evenly throughout the year. Snowfall is sparse, but ice storms can have a negative effect on travel and transportation. Tornadoes are also pretty rare, but one did touch down and damage city structures back in 2008.

Mobile Office Solutions for Atlanta

Mobile offices, modular buildings, storage containers, and classroom trailers are available in the Atlanta area to help in adding extra space, storage, or new buildings. Building, education, and retail can all benefit from mobile solutions offering extra space and storage during construction or renovation.
To protect against weather, focus on weather-resistant facilities with features including

  • air conditioning and heating
  • awning protection for rain
  • canopy protection against sun and rain
  • insurance options
  • extended warranty options
  • renovation and repair options to keep facilities operational


Building License and Permit Information

When adding to, repairing, or doing demolition in construction or renovation projects, you need to check in with the Office of Buildings, which enforces building codes and standards for the city. You need a permit before you begin a project. This government office provides information on

  • permits
  • inspections
  • zoning
  • forms
  • contact information


Nearby Counties and Cities


  • DeKalb County, with Decatur
  • Cobb County, with Marrieta
  • Walton County, with Monroe
  • Fayette County, with Fayetteville