Oklahoma City

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Oklahoma City is known for livestock, oil, government jobs, a top level basketball team, and some heavy-duty weather on top of everything else. Summers are hot and humid, and winter brings occasional snowstorms and ice storms.
But it’s the tornadoes and severe thunderstorms that cause the most problems. From March to June, tornadoes, hail storms, and derechoes can wreak havoc on buildings and other structures. Oklahoma City is one of the most tornado-prone cities in the world, and massive damage has occurred in the past – from loss of life to destruction of property.

Mobile Office Solutions for Oklahoma City

Weather can be a real thorn in the side of customers seeking extra space or storage in the area. Whether the mobile solutions are needed for education, construction, retail, or any of a wide variety of other industries, many protective options are needed to ensure weather-resistance. This can apply to mobile offices, storage containers, modular buildings for new construction, classroom trailers, or any other space needs.
Insurance policies, extended warranties, and repair/refurbishment options can help ameliorate risks. Add-ons and amenities may include

  • tie-downs for high winds and damaging storms
  • skirting for protecting the underside of the facility (from weather, animals, etc.)
  • awnings for rain, ice, sleet


Building License and Permit Information

Whether applying for a residential building permit or commercial building permit, the Oklahoma City government website has you covered. Permits and inspections are required in every city, so the site provides information on

  • forms and applications
  • different permit options
  • zoning regulations
  • inspection processes


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