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Whether you need additional storage for construction materials and tools or extra office space for builders, architects, and engineers, you have many space options for your construction needs.

  • Mobile office space allows for meetings, storage, and personal offices on-site.
  • Temporary or permanent modular buildings provide customized space for conference rooms or administrative offices.
  • Secure containers for on-site or off-site use or relocation give you safe storage for materials and equipment.

No matter what you need, there’s likely a highly customizable office or storage option for you and your construction business. Let’s take a look at your specialized project needs and the type of office or storage space which will be your best fit to get the job done right.

Mobile Offices

Mobile offices fit a wide range of jobs – training, sales, construction, or administration – and they come in a variety of sizes. Floor-plans can be either standard or customizable, providing builders and contractors a place to set up shop, take part in meetings, or store plans, materials, and other supplies. Depending on the project time frame, there are options for short- and long-term rents or leases, and also for purchase.
There is a great variety of other options, such as

  • high-security offices
  • storage and office combinations
  • furniture
  • steps
  • ramps
  • premium offices


Storage Containers

If you keep expensive equipment and materials on-site, you’ll want a way to store these items safely and securely during off hours. Secure storage container options are a good place to start.
Mobile storage containers also offer many options to help with relocation – whether for home, business, or construction. These units come in handy for businesses including construction, real estate, and retail, for example. You can store tools and materials in order to keep these expensive high-value items secure throughout the construction process; you may also transport or relocate items as needed.

Modular Buildings

If you’re looking for more room to work with – conference rooms, offices, or other such customizable spaces – modular buildings can do the trick. There are temporary modular buildings meant for short-term projects (which can be relocated or removed after the project is complete). And there are permanent modular buildings made of steel, concrete, and wood, designed to last for decades.
A modular building is constructed off-site (in a manufacturing plant), made of individual modules (three-dimensional sections), delivered separately to the site and placed into position. On-site preparation – foundation and utility work – can be completed while the modules are being constructed in the plant, in order for a faster build time, delivery, and installation.
Modular workforce camps – local or remote – can be customized for worker housing during the construction process. In addition, guard houses, specialty modular creations, and more are all options that may attract interested leasers and buyers.