Energy, Utilities and Mining

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When you work in energy, utilities, or mining, you are constantly doing construction because you always need more work and storage space. Whether you need additional swing space on projects, large-scale worker housing, or additional space for engineers or administrative workers, you have a lot of options.
Mobile offices, temporary or permanent modular buildings, specialty or customized products, and storage containers are some of the possibilities. Here is a quick overview of the solutions available for energy, mining, and utility space requirements.

Mobile Offices

Mobile office trailers come in a variety of sizes and dimensions, and can serve as

  • field offices
  • Wi-Fi connectivity areas
  • additional drill site work areas

Mobile offices provide both temporary and long-term on-site office and storage space. Add-on features include stairs, ramps, storage, and security add-ons.
You can choose between short- and long-term rent/lease options, or you can purchase an office outright, depending on your needs. It comes down to how much you’d like to pay, how long your project/s will last, etc.

Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are constructed in sections or modules in a manufacturing plant in an indoor environment and then transported to your site. They can be an effective solution for sites in remote locations where standard construction might not be feasible. In addition, the construction process features sustainable building practices, fast delivery, high-quality materials, and lower overall costs.
Applications for modular buildings include

  • workforce camps and housing for workers
  • engineering offices
  • construction offices
  • administrative offices
  • maintenance offices
  • on-site offices
  • in-plant offices

Options are also available for specialty space such as security stations or bathrooms.

Temporary vs. Permanent Modular Buildings

Temporary buildings, consisting of wood-based materials as well as metal and concrete, are designed for short-term uses, such as

  • swing space during construction or renovation
  • critical facilities
  • remedies for a shortage of office or work space

Temporary buildings can be relocated or removed when no longer needed, and again, can be rented, leased, or purchased.
Permanent buildings, on the other hand, are made of steel and concrete (plus wood) and are built to last for decades. They are a good solution when you want to customize, configure, and re-use buildings over a longer time. As described above, permanent buildings are typically bought, but you have lease options, as well.

Storage Containers

For safe, secure, and weatherproof storage of important equipment and materials, storage containers are vital. You may be able to specify on-site storage, storage at a provider site, or mobile storage containers for relocation/moving. Sporting a variety of different shapes and sizes, fast delivery, customization, and security features, storage containers can be indispensable in energy, mining, and utility work at remote or otherwise challenging locations.