What to Look for in Moving & Storage Containers

Whether you’re looking for on-site storage as a business, or a homeowner interested in finding storage or moving solutions, storage containers can be just what you need for storage, moving, or a combination. During renovation, construction of new facilities, or any time excess materials need to be stored safely and securely, storage facilities can come in handy for businesses such as construction firms, retail establishments, government operations, and educational facilities.


Do you have multiple ongoing construction projects and need extra space for materials or tools? Or are you an educational institution needing to house extra school supplies or playground equipment? Maybe you’re a company renovating old facilities and have excess retail inventory that you want to store on-site for easy access? If any of these is a “yes,” then storage and moving containers can be a big help to you, and save space and money in the process.


What Are Storage Containers?


You have a number of options for


  • on-site storage
  • storage at a provider site (off-site)
  • mobile storage containers for home or business uses (for relocation)


Storage and mobile solutions offer a secure and convenient way to get the most from a leased (often short-term) or owned (typically long-term) storage or moving container. Here are a few things you should know in order to store or move your items safely, securely, and without any added hassle!


Storage Containers 101


For both business and homeowner storage or moving needs, it’s important to consider


  • security features
  • different sizes to match your requirements
  • storage and moving options
  • customization potential (including shelves, ventilation, and ramps)
  • insurance/loss limitation options
  • extended warranties
  • leasing vs. purchase


Top-notch security features help to keep thieves at bay. Check for them when selecting your container vendor. Other selling points include weather resistance and customization. In addition, insurance and extended warranties can give you peace of mind when it comes to minimizing your financial exposure to the risk of damage to your container.


Speaking of customization potential, companies normally allow you to customize multiple aspects of your new container, including


  • color
  • door placement
  • forklift pockets
  • vents
  • undercoating
  • shelves


What Homeowners Need To Know


Portable storage units can be used by both businesses – such as construction, real estate, retail, etc. – and homeowners for storage or moving at one’s own pace. As previously mentioned, mobile storage is useful for on-site storage, off-site storage, and when moving across town or even across country.

For renters or homeowners, storage containers can be especially helpful during


  • remodeling
  • moving
  • disaster recovery
  • decluttering
  • staging


As a quick guideline to what a container can actually hold,


  • 10′ Container: Normally holds approximately 1-2 rooms.
  • 15′ Container: Normally holds approximately 3-4 rooms.
  • 20′ Container: Normally holds approximately 4-5 rooms.
  • 40′ Container: Normally holds approximately 5-7 rooms.


The sizes offered can vary depending on the vendor company you select and also on your own needs (including the total number of items and supplies you need to store). They can help during moves, for initial storage either on-site or at your vendor’s storage facility. Weather-resistant containers are par for the course, and moving companies offer technology solutions to help minimize any movement of your items – and any damage – during the move.


What Businesses Need To Know


Storage and moving containers can be invaluable in industries and circumstances including


  • construction
  • education
  • government
  • religious organizations
  • real estate
  • retail
  • manufacturing
  • disaster recovery
  • special events
  • health care


Organizations can store anything from excess tools and equipment, school supplies, and playground equipment to retail inventory, hotel furniture, and emergency preparedness materials. As already mentioned, storage is normally safe and secure, whether on site or at a vendor location, offering ease of access and peace of mind for you and your company. Just let a vendor know your needs and concerns, and they should be able to find just the right container for your business or home.

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