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Do you need of any of the following items for your agricultural or landscaping business?

  • cargo trailers
  • survey trailers
  • portable and weatherproof storage (for landscaping tools, crops, materials, or farming equipment)
  • livestock shelter or transport

Better question: Did you know for sure if you needed any of those items? It pretty much goes without saying – you’re the expert on your needs. But when you don’t know the best way to get the job done right, where do you turn? If you’re not sure, read on to get an idea of how mobile offices, storage containers, and specialty units can help with your agriculture-related needs.

Storage Containers

If you’re interested in weatherproof, secure, and portable solutions for storing or moving farm equipment, crops and materials, feed, landscaping tools, and similar items, storage containers are a good solution. Customers can find stand-alone storage space or even office/storage combinations. Often, these containers can be delivered in as little as 48 hours. They’re intended to save space and money for the leaser or buyer, while allowing workers and businesses to share and store items.
There may be options for on-site storage, storage at a provider site, or for mobile storage containers to assist homeowners or business owners with relocation. What are some features of storage containers?

  • They come in a variety of sizes.
  • They optionally include top-level security locking systems.
  • They provide easy access, as well as convenient entry and loading.

There are many products to help you with storage and moving. Your items will be placed within the container and ready to be shipped when you decide the time is right. Many times, you can store the container on or off site while you prepare to move your supplies and materials.
Customers may be able to store their extra products on-site or at the supplier’s off-site facility, or else have their stored items moved locally, nationally, and even internationally. The company will deliver the storage unit, you’ll pack up your things, and they’ll help you move when you’re ready. It’s that simple!

Mobile Office Space

If your agricultural business is seeking additional office space or storage, mobile office trailers come in a wide range of lengths and widths and provide on-site temporary office and storage space. For survey trailers or temporary livestock shelter or transport, agricultural companies can choose standard office space or create specialty units to fit their particular needs.
These offices are available for rent, sale, or finance; short-term and long-term rent/lease opportunities are available, in addition to purchase options. It’s hard to run out of options with the customization that is available, such as built-in furniture, steps, ramps. The sky’s the limit!