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Are you dealing with growing student populations and overcrowding at your school? Do you need new facilities for science laboratories, libraries, classrooms, or administration space? Or possibly some extra space to house sports equipment or additional items like books, desks, or other important educational supplies?
For those looking to create new spaces, store important educational materials, or meet the demands of a growing student body, there are many solutions for these questions. In the coming paragraphs, we’ll take a look at a few of the top options – including portable/modular classrooms, temporary or permanent modular buildings, and storage containers (both on-site and off-site) – which can help save you time and money.

Portable Classrooms

Do you need additional space for a growing student body? Portable classrooms, also called modular classrooms or classroom trailers, come in a wide variety of types and sizes – from small individual classrooms to enormous multi-story behemoths – and can be temporary or permanent buildings on your campus. All levels and types of education can benefit from additional space, including

  • public
  • private
  • preschool
  • secondary
  • college or university training

You can use this additional space for increased enrollment of students or during renovation of your current facilities. There are a wide variety of classroom options, such as

  • portable
  • permanent
  • technology-oriented
  • green
  • child care

If you need fast delivery, low-cost configuration, ease of relocation, and increased flexibility, portable classrooms are a good bet.

Permanent vs. Temporary Modular Buildings

When creating new laboratories, administrative units, classrooms, dormitories, child care facilities, libraries, and other spaces, modular buildings can save both time and money. They save time – constructed in an indoor manufacturing plant and put together in sections (modules) after transportation to the installation site – and offer sustainable building practices, enhanced quality, and lower overall costs for leasers/buyers.
Permanent buildings – made mainly of steel, concrete, and wood – last for decades and are meant to be set in their foundations. Like temporary buildings, mentioned next, they can be moved, although with more difficulty.
Temporary modular buildings – also known as relocatable, prefab, portable, or mobile module buildings – are short-term solutions for those with rapidly growing student, personnel, or visitor space demands. As mentioned, temporary buildings, mostly made of wood, are intended for short-term needs (usually months to a few years, although they can last longer, and can be relocated or removed when no longer needed). These temporary buildings are useful for start-up schools, facilities dealing with rapid enrollment increases, and institutions looking for extra space during renovation or construction projects.

Storage Containers

Housing school supplies or athletic gear and playground equipment can’t get any easier than using storage containers for on-site storage (and sometimes off-site storage at secure provider facilities). Whether you need more space or are in the process of building or renovating your facilities, there are many shapes, sizes, and amenities available – such as security options, weather-resistant containers, customizable doors, and more – in order to help you save space and provide a secure location for your school supplies.